East China Normal University, Shanghai (Department of Ecology and Environment research)
Chulalongkorn Universität Bangkok, Thailand (Research center CUSRI)
University Tabriz, Department of Landscape Engineering, Agricultural Faculty, Iran
Peradeniya University Sri Lanka: (Memorandum of Understanding)
stellenbosch University Stellenbosch, South Africa (Stadtökologie der Agglomeration Kapstadt – Kooperationsvereinbarung)
unam University Windhoek, Namibia (Department of geography, history and environmental studies)
University Poznan, Poland (Department of Integrierte geography and kartography
 logo_ioer Leibniz Institut for Ecological Urban and Regional Development, Desden, Germany  
 logo_University_of_Szeged University Szeged – Department of physical geography and geoinformatics
 Logo_TU Bratislava Technical University Bratislava, Slowakia
 Logo-University-of-Bucharest University Bukarest, Rumänien – Department of geography
 Logo_Uni Yildiz  Technical University Yildiz, Istanbul, Turkey

guatemala San Carlos University, Guatemala (Department for chemical science and pharmacy)
flores Universidat de Flores, Argentinisches Museum der Naturwissenschaften (MACN), Buenos Aires, Argentina
loncoln Lincoln University, Christchurch, Newsealand 
Society for Urban Ecology (SURE)

Center for Landscape Research (CeLaRe)