Prof Dr. Jürgen Breustes Lectureships




University of Salzburg, Department of Geography and Geology, Section Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology




Technical University Dresden, Masters Programme in “Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management” – seminar on landscape planning and environmental control




East China Normal University (Shanghai) – course of lectures for Ph.D. students





Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok) – course of lectures for Ph.D. students




Degree program at the University of Salzburg


The Bachelor`s Degree of Geography comprises 6 semesters and completes with the title B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science).

The Master`s Degree of Geography comprises 4 semesters, completes with the academic degree M.Sc. (Master of Science). Setting a focus (Applied Geomorphology, Landscape Ecology and Sustainable Development, Social and Economical Geography) within the subject of geography is obligatory. At the same time interdisciplinary knowledge is imparted.

The doctorate comprises 3 years and completes with the title Dr.rer.nat. In the doctorate students dedicate themselves to writing their doctoral dissertation and to gain ECTS-Points by attending Ph.D. seminars, courses, and the delivery of special activities (active participation in international workshops or congresses, holding of courses and reviewed publications that are not part of the dissertation).