South France

Head: Prof. Jürgen Breuste

Carried out: 2002, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2014

Duration: 7 days and a blocked course in Salzburg



Excursion Management of Cultural Landscapes – mediterran landscapes in South France


Topic of the excursion is the management of cultural landscapes in mediterran area. Therefore the National Park Camargue and the Nature Parks Alpilles and Luberon are being visited. There we will have a focus on regional development, nature preservation, sustainable tourism and management of agriculture and be informed by experts. We will also get used to the natural equipment and culture of mediterran landscapes in South France. For the journey we will use Vans (8 persons). persons who are willing to drive will be preferred in taking part of the excursion. We will have a maximum of 3 Vans and therefore need 6 drivers (one driver and one substitute). The maximum of Participant – drivers included – will be 22. The participants should prepare for trails. The accomodations will be in the area Arles-Avignon, for economic reasons preferably with kitchens. The costs of the excursion will be about 400 – 500 € but more detailed information will be shared later. This costs will cover the journeys, lodging and fees but not food. I will try to make the excursion as cheap as possible.


  • Meaning of the region within France
  • Historical development of the Provence
  • Geological structure and relief
  • Landscape structure
  • Vegetations structure of the Provence
  • Structure and regional differencialisation of agriculture
  • Settlement development
  • City structure of Arles
  • Nature- and landscape preservation in the Provence
  • Regional Park Luberon
  • Nature park Camargue
  • Regional park Alpilles
  • Tourism in the Provence
  • Secondary residences in the Provence