Head: Prof. Jürgen Breuste

Carried out: 2005, 2014, 2015

Duration: 7 days and a blocked course in Salzburg



Topics for Presentations:


Slovakia – a review; Geological structureof Slovakia; Climate-geographical structure of Slovakia; Vegetational structure of Slovakia; The water network of Slovakia; Complex landscape structure of Slovakia; Agro-geographical structure of Slovakia; Settlement-structure and -development of Slovakia; Traffic infrastructure of Slovakia; Development of the land usage in the border region Austria-Slovakia-Hungary; Bratislava; The Donau lowlands; The Donau Meadows – river regulation and nature protection in a conflict; The Svlovakian middle highlands; Banska Stiavnica – mining city and former mining landscapes; The Hohe Tatra; The Niedere Tatra; The nature conservation area system in Slovakia; Tourism in the Hohe Tatra; Large housing estates in Bratislava (esp. Petrsalka); The nuclear plant Gabcikovo (coordination with Christine Blatt); Viticulture around Bratislava (esp. Radca); Trnava – cit development and current problems (protection of the historical centre, EU-LUDA- project partner)